I have been lucky enough to interview some amazing people in my role as journalist and editor. As I spend some time filling boxes (we are moving very soon) and being ever-so-slightly sentimental about what we keep and what we recycle I have been reminded of this and wanted to share just a handful of my favourite interview memories to date…

“When I meet people, they say I am an example of dreams making reality. I never imagined being a role model and inspiring people. This messy, slightly eclectic French man!”

Christian Louboutin

“The work I do here and abroad is about helping to give other women the chance to fulfil their potential in the way that I have been blessed and it is the greatest privilege, as you can imagine. My work goes just a little way to repay the support I was given by  others not least my amazing and totally self-sacrificing mum.”

DJ Marilyn Mornington

“It’s amazing how many astute businessmen abandon common sense and invest in a football club. I would never fall for such a foolish trap. My football investment has been limited to three season tickets and the 1,000 Manchester City shares I gave Alex for Christmas in 1998. She liked the shares, but really wanted the racehorse she had coveted for 20 years.”

John Timpson, MBE

“Early in my career I was intensely frustrated by the lack of options available to our animal friends. I felt powerless and helpless. I realised that I could spend the next 30 years feeling like that, or I could do something to make a difference.I know it sounds evangelical, but this is what I believe – we really can save the world and the animals on it, both wild and domestic, if we really want to.” Noel, Fitzpatrick, The Supervet

“I often come across young women who say “I’m not ready” or “I haven’t enough experience”. My answer to anybody saying that is “if the opportunity is presented to you, grab it with both hands. More often than not you will swim and not sink”.

Christine Gaskell


“When my husband was Prime Minister I understood firsthand the importance of dressing appropriately but also not losing your style and individuality.”

Samantha Cameron, Cefinn

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