Flaming June is a fabulous month, although it creeps up on me quicker and quicker each year, I am finding. I believe that has something to do with age… So, the perfect month to begin to share with you some of my favourite things.

I love biographies and have a pile of them (currently, mixed in with parenting books) by the side of my bed. And one thing I am enjoying is the time to actually sit down and read them – typically a luxury reserved for the annual beach hotel. This month I am reading Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future. It is written by Ashlee Vance, a Silicon Valley aficionado, who persisted in his quest to interview the elusive business man and gain his trust, providing insights to his character and world. I am up to his involvement in PayPal, the business and the personal life, told in the author’s words but with observations from his colleagues, friends and family. Great story-telling and easy reading into one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Lessons learned so far: never give up.

Next on my list is my Smythson Mummy To Be notebook. You may begin to notice a slight obsession if you regularly read my pages; with Smythson and notebooks in general. Alongside my Faber-Castell pencil and phone, they go everywhere with me – not least because baby-brain is taking hold and I need to write things down but also because I am old-fashioned in my love of hand-writing and books. Maybe that is where my love of publishing came from… Bought by Husband, this notebook fits into my handbag with ease and has the gilt-edged baby blue featherweight pages which have become synonymous with the brand. It also has sections for To-do, Gifts, Nursery prep. It is my new best-friend.

The fabulous Florence Verity gifted me this candle and I have only just opened its fabulous packaging and am enjoying the summer scents of coconut and hibiscus. It reminds me of swaying gently in a hammock on a Caribbean beach. Florence is a Cheshire lady who set up her company last year, following a life decision to follow her dreams. I salute you and if this candle is anything to go we will be seeing much more of you and your brand.

Our summer bedding is on and my favourite is Clarissa Hulse’s Meadow Grass. It has Husband’s approval because it is grey but I love the bright colours of the print and the fact its reversible. There’s nothing better than snuggling down into a clean set of bed sheets and a well-made bed. Does anyone else get that sense of pride? I mean, no one sees our  bedroom but it has to be as neat and tidy as the living room. House-proud, yes. Slightly obsessive, possibly.

And finally, I love my embroidered Axel Arigato trainers from Coggles store, Alderley Edge. A mix of Swedish and Japanese influences in design, they add a colourful touch to anything from jeans to little summer dresses. And, I have had more compliments about them than my Louboutins!

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